Healthy product sources of zinc.

Nutritional values and zinc content

In the following tables you will find a selection of foods with nutritional values, zinc content, calories and bread units for diabetics. Zinc levels in


Prostate discomfort…

Prostate is a problem, especially among men in their prime. More precisely, this is the second phase of prostate growth.   STAGES OF PROSTATE GROWT


Autoimmune diseases…

NEW STUDY PROMISES HOPE FOR AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES   Increasingly, people are suffering from an autoimmune disease. These include psoriasis, rheumatism, inflammatory bowel diseases such as

Желание да имаш деца

Desire to have children…

UNFULFILLED WISH FOR CHILDREN – ZINC CAN HELP If you do not have offspring despite the desire for children, this is not always associated with

Как мога да предотвратя проблеми с ноктите?

Nail problems…

How to care for brittle nails? What are the causes of brittle nails? How can I prevent brittle nails? CARE FOR brittle NAILS The nails

Трудно заздравяване на рани

Difficult wound healing…

Many trace elements are needed by the body in relatively small amounts. However, they achieve great things. Increasingly taking into account our industrially processed foods,


Scientific Studies on the role of Zinc

Zinc and COVID-19   The trace element Zinc has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can be helpful to optimize the immune function and it reduces the


Hair problems…

Hair has always been more than a hairstyle. To this day, it is not uncommon to do so a political statement about the haircut or


Hay fever…

WHAT HELPS AGAINST HAY FEVER? Itchy eyes, irritated skin, runny nose or even shortness of breath. Complaints of allergy sufferers in the spring are numerous.


Strengthening of the immune system

TARGET STRENGTHENING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WITH ZINC Good protection: enhanced against cough, runny nose, hoarseness! Viruses do their dirty work again. During the cold winter


Studies for Zinc

The trace element zinc is indispensable for many processes in the human body. So it is not surprising that zinc deficiency is diagnosed as one

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