by Werner Winkler

and Monika Schwarz,

How does this Zinc Deficiency Test work?

Severe zinc deficiency can be determined by a blood test. However, because less than 1% of zinc in the body is in the blood serum and the body tries to keep this value constant, it is difficult to find situations of mild deficiency there.

Typical complaints and risk factors, on the other hand, can be identified with little effort. The test is therefore based on the following consideration:

To test your patient's individual risk of zinc deficiency, please write the appropriate number of points for you in the blank input fields - at most the number in the main field.

If the risk is only low (for example, if you have a casual low-meat diet), you can also enter less than the maximum number of points.

If you use the test several times or for several patients, just write the points on a separate piece of paper.

The interactive zinc deficiency test -your personal assessment in just a few steps

Step 1: Assessment of risk factors

Step 2: Weight complaints

Step 3: Review the rating and get a recommendation

Data protection guarantee

We expressly guarantee that the information you provide during our test will not be retained. We do not collect any personal data, your data and your assessment remain completely anonymous.

Their sole purpose is to give you a recommendation.

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